March 11, 2021

9:30Am - 10:30Am
(HKT, gmt +08:00)


March 10, 2021

8:30PM - 9:30PM
(EST, GMT -05:00)

Is online education here to stay?

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing schools across the world to rapidly shift to virtual formats, students and educators from pre-K all the way to the postgraduate level have been forced into using and developing online learning platforms that very few were prepared for. The experience has prompted long-needed industry reflection, inspired creative problem solving and strengthened the resolve of educators and edtech developers alike, thus opening the door for vast improvements in education in the future, buoyed by innovative education technologies.

As capital investment in edtech has begun to grow at a rapid rate, many believe the future of online education could become the norm, pointing to possibilities like students all over the world — rich and poor, urban and rural — having equal access to classes taught by the most experienced and inspiring teachers, while research also suggests online learning can increase the retention of information, while taking less time. On the flip side, the digital divide between students who have access to devices and minimum connectivity to those who don’t is critical and varies widely by nation. At the same time, others feel there is simply no substitute for in-person learning.

Join our webinar to hear from founders of some of the most successful edtech and online education companies in the world as they discuss:
  • From cloud technologies, virtual reality, hybrid and personalized learning models, which technologies are having the greatest impact on the education sector a year into the pandemic?
  • How is investor sentiment impacting the innovations in the edtech space?
  • How can issues of connectivity and access inequality be solved on a global scale?
  • As education technologies continue to grow in presence, what is the long-term outlook of in-person education vs. online learning?
Will Fan
, Co-founder & CEO, NewCampus (Singapore)
Amir Nathoo, Co-founder & CEO, Outschool (USA)
David Tait, CEO, Mandarin Matrix (Hong Kong)
Herman Tse, Head of Business and Professional Services, InvestHK (Hong Kong)
March 11, 2021

10:45AM - 11:45AM
(hkt, GMT+08:00)


March 10, 2021
9:45PM - 10:45PM
(EST, GMT -05:00

Healthcare and the future of medicine

The Covid-19 pandemic marked a significant turning point for healthcare technology, as health systems globally have been forced to implement and accelerate projects for telemedicine, biotechnology and other digital tools necessary to maintain servicing patients at manageable and efficient levels.
With hospitals and clinics drastically impacted by the need for social distancing and other measures necessary in the prevention of spreading infection, the convenience and efficiency of many of these new innovations has been cemented — some of which consumers and healthcare providers alike would have previously been reluctant to adopt without the effects of the pandemic pushing them to do so.

Join our webinar to hear from the founders of some of the most innovative healthcare technology organisations in the world as they discuss:
  • How has the pandemic influenced healthcare system priorities and the need for a wave of new innovations?
  • Which healthcare technologies are proving most instrumental in supporting health systems in both essential and non-emergency preventative care?
  • Which technologies are receiving significant levels of interest and capital from investors?
  • Where is the healthcare industry still lagging behind and how can these issues be solved?
  • What has Covid-19 taught the industry about the future of the digital patient experience?
Dr. Ricky Chiu
, Founder & CEO, PHASE Scientific (Hong Kong)
Robert Chu, Founder & CEO, Embleema (USA)
Grace Park, Co-founder & President, DocDoc (Singapore)
Andy Wong, Head of Innovation and Technology, InvestHK (Hong Kong)


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